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Ecological packaging

We have chosen ecological packaging for shipping from Eco packaging FSC® means Forest Stewardship Council® and is an international, non-profit organization for wood and paper. What does Eco actually mean? Eco stands for “ecological” Ecological means the reciprocal relationship between living things and their environment. A product qualifies for the ECO mark if it […]

What the sensitive series should do

Minimal irritation potential with maximum effect. Application for Causes of sensitive scalp: Natural ingredients work: Natural ingredients such as: PANTHENOL increases the moisture retention capacity and improve the elasticity of the skin, support the formation of new skin cells and contributes to regeneration. Clinical studies confirm the wound-healing effect. JOJOBA OIL is obtained from the […]

Basics about hair care

What does the shampoo? Here it is clear to say: a shampoo should clean the scalp and hair. No more and no less. Care for the hair begins only in the next place. I would like to go into more detail on the subject of shampoo: Most shampoos are sold as the ultimate care products. […]

Which shampoo is the right one?

Shampoos that are refatting. Explanation of refatting: The product contains moisture-binding or greasing substances that ensure that the natural acid mantle of the skin is strengthened and the scalp does not dry out or skin irritations follow. For dry scalp, I recommend my clients to use a shampoo for dry hair/ hydrate or sensitive shampoo, […]

The Nopoo Trend

What is oily scalp anyway? Degrease hair: Yes? No? Maybe? Definition sebum/ fat/ sebum: “Sebum” is the English word for sebum. “Fat” is another word for tallow. “Sebum” is fat secreted by the glands at the roots of the hair. See illustration. How do I recognize greasy hair & at what point can you say […]