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Which shampoo is the right one?

Shampoos that are refatting.

Explanation of refatting: The product contains moisture-binding or greasing substances that ensure that the natural acid mantle of the skin is strengthened and the scalp does not dry out or skin irritations follow.

For dry scalp, I recommend my clients to use a shampoo for dry hair/ hydrate or sensitive shampoo, because the scalp is fundamentally capable of regulating itself. So if you use a mild shampoo that is replenishing, you’ll help your skin get back into balance.

In addition, if you use a shampoo that cleans too much, you will always have the problem that your scalp does not regulate itself.

So what should a shampoo be able to do?

All the focus is on the scalp and hairline! It must first and foremost clean. Then it should be refatting and mild and gentle to the scalp. In fact, that’s all a shampoo needs to be able to do.

I’m sad to say that build up shampoos sound great. But if we assume that a shampoo is there to clean, especially the scalp, it does not make so much sense. After all, the approach is healthy and only in exceptional cases needs something like a build-up shampoo. Someone who has strong, greasy dandruff should use a shampoo for a while, with which he removes the dandruff.

And then switch to a sensitive, replenishing shampoo so that the scalp regulates the rest on its own(nice example of a strong cleansing shampoo).

Someone with oily hair, should first of all look at what products may have caused it. Non-water-soluble silicones in shampoos can cause the hair to form a film over the scalp and the hair then starts to become greasy more quickly. You can read more about it in the blog “The Nopoo Trend“.

Maybe the care application is wrong or you use a too oily shampoo etc….

Here, I would also recommend using a strong cleansing shampoo first and then switching to a sensitive/moisturizing, replenishing shampoo.

Basically, a direct consultation is much more individual and helpful, but maybe I could give you a little clarity with the amount of product choices.

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