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Basics about hair care

What does the shampoo?

Here it is clear to say: a shampoo should clean the scalp and hair. No more and no less. Care for the hair begins only in the next place. I would like to go into more detail on the subject of shampoo: Most shampoos are sold as the ultimate care products. But what should come first, in my opinion, is cleaning. Because what really needs to be cleaned is the hairline and scalp. The lengths of the hair should not be washed regularly, if they do not contain dirt or grime. Why is that? The lengths and tips dry out due to the shampoo, because this has a cleansing effect. We rarely need these in the hair length. When are our tips ever really greasy or dirty?!


Wash hair regularly and as needed. It is best to wash lengths only when necessary.


Please use shampoo only on the scalp and hairline, avoiding the lengths. Unless you’ve just been digging in the dirt. Nothing is absolute. But make sure that you only wash the lengths when it is really necessary.


What does this product do? It is a care product!

A hair mask is designed to store nutrient-rich care in the hair and fill small holes. In most cases, it is enough to leave the mask on for 15 minutes. You do not have to leave these on overnight. Once the hair has absorbed the nutrients it needs (which is fast), nothing more happens in the hours that follow.


1x every 1-2 weeks

The mask is applied to towel-dried hair. If the hair is too wet, the hair can not absorb all the care substances, because it is too full of water. So squeeze well with the towel and only then apply the mask to the tips and lengths. Do not get to the hairline.


Apply the mask to towel-dried hair and wrap a warm towel around your head. You can easily wet (wring out) a towel in the microwave and then wrap it around your head as a turban. Due to the heat, the care is better absorbed into the hair and the wellness factor is much greater.

Of course, there are also hair treatments that are made specifically for the roots, but I’ll deal with these in another topic. Today it’s all about the basics.


After every hair wash!

Fun Fact:

I am very often asked if a conditioner is the same as a conditioner.

Yes, it is the same. The word “conditioner” is the English word for conditioner. I think it’s funny how marketing can really confuse you sometimes.

So, what do we need a conditioner for?

A conditioner is there to close the cuticle. For this we need to go back to the beginning: by shampooing you have opened your hair, because a shampoo cleans. Then you put in a mask that deposits conditioning agents into your hair structure. Now it is important that you close your hair again. Because what good is a beautiful mask if it is not sealed!

Read correctly: A conditioner closes the cuticle and seals the care. A conditioner also completes the process of washing the hair. So when you wash your hair, please use a conditioner after every shampoo. This is important so that the cuticle is in place and the process of washing the hair is completed. And always rinse well.


The conditioner only goes into the lengths and tips, not at the roots. This could quickly appear greasy when care gets to it.


Please apply the conditioner to towel-dried hair. The effect is more effective when there is less water in the hair.

You can and should use a conditioner after every hair wash. If you’re ever in a hurry, use a spray conditioner or leave-in cream.


Shampoo: Should be considered as a cleaning agent.

Mask: Is the nutrient-rich gap filler.

Conditioner: Seals the hair.

Products like 3in1 are not recommended products. Because if we think about it, that a shampoo washes, nourishes and seals at the same time?! How does it work? None of the individual processes is executed completely. At first glance, the whole thing sounds very time-saving. But is not recommended for a person who wants to have a long-term intact scalp and beautiful hair structure.

Complementary products:

What other products are helpful?

I’m not a fan of having thousands of products at home, but for me as a hairdresser, some products are essential. Besides the basics: shampoo, mask, conditioner I recommend:

  • Spray conditioner: This is used to increase combability and soften the hair. I love spray conditioners. Important: Use only for the lengths and tips.
  • Hair oil: A hair oil can be worked directly into wet hair. Before blow-drying and/ or after blow-drying hair, use only for lengths and ends. For dry tips.
  • Heat protection: It protects your hair from damage caused by too much heat. The product is applied to lengths and ends before blow drying hair.

These are my absolute favorites, which I would like to give you on the way <3

If you want to have long, beautiful hair in the long run, it’s important to understand what products are for and how to use them correctly. The daily routine for hair is a pure routine. Try to develop a routine that works for you. Hair care does not always have to take hours.

I hope I was able to help you get better with your hair. If you have any questions, feel free to write me.

Why is it so important that care products only come in length?

Imagine: Your hairline is like the skin of a small child. Pure, clear, soft and beautiful.

The approach does not require further care.

The centerpiece is a skin of a middle-aged woman. There you can already times preventive care in the hair. Requires care.

The tips resemble the skin of an elderly lady, who should be treated with care and needs rich care.

I hope this is a vivid explanation.

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