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Ecological packaging

We have chosen ecological packaging for shipping from

Eco packaging FSC® means Forest Stewardship Council® and is an international, non-profit organization for wood and paper.

What does Eco actually mean?

Eco stands for “ecological”

Ecological means the reciprocal relationship between living things and their environment.

A product qualifies for the ECO mark if it is made from:

  • Ecological materials, e.g. cotton
  • FSC® certified paper and cardboard
  • Fairtrade certified materials, e.g. cotton
  • Recycled materials, e.g. paper or rPET

The FSC® mark is your guarantee that the materials used come from an FSC forest, where only the trees that the forest can reproduce are felled. It also means that plant and animal life is managed more responsibly, forest workers are trained, wear safety equipment, and are paid a fair wage.

All FSC certifications worldwide build on the same basic principles. When you buy an FSC-certified product, you always know what you’re getting.

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