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What the sensitive series should do

Minimal irritation potential with maximum effect.

Application for

  • Very dry hair / dry scalp
  • For fine hair
  • Tension feeling of the scalp
  • Formation of dry dandruff
  • Redness, burning and itching
  • Allergic reactions of the scalp
  • Irritation due to hair cosmetics used
  • Brittle hair easily prone to electrostatic charges

Causes of sensitive scalp:

  • Frequent hair washing
  • Wrong hair care products,
  • Dry heating air or excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Insufficient nutrient supply of the scalp
  • External environmental influences

Natural ingredients work:

  • Moisturizing
  • Mild
  • Particularly well tolerated
  • Gently regenerating
  • Anti-itch
  • Protects against environmental influences

Natural ingredients such as:


increases the moisture retention capacity and improve the elasticity of the skin, support the formation of new skin cells and contributes to regeneration. Clinical studies confirm the wound-healing effect.


is obtained from the seed of the medicinal plant. It contains pro-vitamin A and vitamin E. Due to its fatty acid composition, it intensively nourishes and provides lasting protection against dehydration.


is a proven medicinal plant. One of its main active ingredients – acemannan – activates the immune system, protects cell membranes and acts against bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory, moisture-binding and wound-healing effect.

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