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Hair Intersive Care Set


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  • Hair intensive mask
  • Sensitive lotion
  • Hydro Conditioner

The combination of mask, lotion and conditioner is the perfect care for dry scalp and damaged hair.

Improves combability and adds shine.

Skin soothing and moisturizing liquid gel with urea. Symptoms such as dry, irritated and itchy scalp are reduced. The lotion strengthens the acid mantle of the skin and protects against dehydration.

D-panthenol ( per vitamin b5 ) additionally regulates moisture balance and strengthens the hair. The combability is improved and the hair becomes more resistant.

Properties and active ingredients

  • Liquid hair keratin

Replaces lost natural hair substance and specifically and reliably repairs porous and damaged hair.

  • Aloe vera

Lushly moisturizes, revitalizes and promotes natural elasticity and bounce.

  • D-Panthenol (Pro-Vitatim B5)

Restructures the hair deep down, regulates moisture balance and has a lasting strengthening effect.

  • Soybean oil

Makes hair elastic, supple and excellent combing.

  • Jojoba oil

Forms a microfine protective film that protects the hair and scalp from drying out and against environmental influences.

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